What Courses Do We Offer?

Professional Photography Course

Recommended for beginners, intermediate, as well as anyone wishing to consolidate their knowledge and get a highly valued certificate. This sought after Course starts from the Foundations of Photography and combines a variety of specialized workshops in different fields with a step by step process and hands-on experience that builds up real skills.

Basic Studio Lighting Course

Students will develop an expert level of control over commercial portraits, fashion photography, interiors, and product photography, as well as any artists and hobbyists who wish to expand their knowledge of how light can be manipulated in a controlled environment.

Editorial Photography Course

Students will shoot documentary photography, photojournalism, magazine photography, or wedding photography at a very high level.

Easy Ways to Improve Photoshop Skills

Read Design Magazines

One of the downfalls of being in a field that has so many resources available online is that it's easy to forget about all of the great offline resources at your disposal.

Try to Replicate the Work of Others

One proven way to learn is to attempt to replicate the work of other designers. I'm not suggesting that you rip off other designers by selling this work or taking credit for it as your own (which unfortunately is all too common, especially online).

Participate in Design Competitions

Once you've become pretty comfortable with your own progress in learning Photoshop, you may want to challenge yourself and have some fun at the same time by entering a design competition.

Essential Photography Tips

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    Take control of focus

    Leave your camera to its own devices, and it will focus on using the central focus point. While this will produce sharp images in many situations, for more creative photography, it's better to take some control over the focus point.

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    Focus on moving subjects

    Focusing on a static subject is all well and good, but not everything will wait patiently for you while you compose and capture your shot. For this reason, you need to master the art of focusing on moving subjects.

  • 03

    Understand what makes a shot blurry

    When it comes to mastering focus, you also need to know why your shots aren't sharp. This can be down to focusing, but it may also be due to camera shake or the subject moving. You'll need to spot the cause, fix the problem, then try again.

Heros Behind the Company

Conventional educational methods often leave you having to remember the concepts you were taught or trying to figure out how to apply them. The Photographer Circle method leaves you applying what you learned naturally and without effort. Similar to anything you have already mastered, in our photography courses and workshops you learn by direct personal discovery. From this experience, a new skill is yours forever.

Stéphanie Bourdillon

Co-Founder of Photographer Circle

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